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The O-Shot®: Yes, "O" Stands for ORGASM

The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," is meant to help sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vaginal and clitoral tissue to aid in achieving orgasm. It is the newest application of PRP in aesthetic me...

Dr. Marc DuPéré
  • 9 minute read
  • Mar 22, 2019

Q&A: Adult Acne Causes & Treatments

Acne is a skin condition that not only affects teenagers; many adults are bothered by pimples, redness, and inflammation caused by acne.  In this post, I offer Toronto residents a variety of ways to clear up their skin and renew their confidence. What causes adult acne? Acne is caused by an excessi...
Dr. Marc DuPéré
Master Medical Esthetician & Laser Technician