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The O-Shot®: Yes, "O" Stands for ORGASM

The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," is meant to help sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vaginal and clitoral tissue to aid in achieving orgasm. It is the newest application of PRP in aesthetic me...

Dr. Marc DuPéré
  • 4 minute read
  • Oct 14, 2018

Why Plastic Surgeons Are the BEST Choice for Hair Restoration Procedures

Here are some of the many reasons plastic surgeons are the best choice for hair transplant and hair restoration in Toronto and throughout Canada. 1.  Plastic surgeons have been trained for decades (dating back to 1926!!!) in hair-bearing scalp restoration with various advancement and rotation flaps...
Dr. Marc DuPéré
Master Medical Esthetician & Laser Technician