Gender Reassignment

The O-Shot®: Yes, "O" Stands for ORGASM

The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," is meant to help sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vaginal and clitoral tissue to aid in achieving orgasm. It is the newest application of PRP in aesthetic me...

Dr. Marc DuPéré
  • 4 minute read
  • Jan 03, 2015

Isn’t He Handsome!

Well he did it!  My husband finally did Botox and fillers!   He keeps telling me that he did it for me but look at the results!  For me?  I now have to keep him on a short leash! More and more men are thinking about starting the anti-aging treatments.   They see their wives, looking younger ...
Dr. Marc DuPéré
Master Medical Esthetician & Laser Technician