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The O-Shot®: Yes, "O" Stands for ORGASM

The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," is meant to help sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vaginal and clitoral tissue to aid in achieving orgasm. It is the newest application of PRP in aesthetic me...

Dr. Marc DuPéré
  • 7 minute read
  • Dec 07, 2014

A Story of Pectus: Treating Pectus Excavatum With Plastic Surgery

Congenital anomaly or malformation of the pectus (i.e. chest) is relatively common and this condition may present in a wide variation of severity. As one of Canada’s top body implant experts, I very commonly see patients with one of these anomalies coming to my plastic surgery office in Toronto. ...
Dr. Marc DuPéré
Master Medical Esthetician & Laser Technician